Flip the Switch Marketing Program



Are you an investor who doesn’t have the time or energy to spend finding off market deals but wants to get started investing in real estate?

How awesome would it be to have a personalized lead machine that you got to cherry pick every deal out of each campaign that nobody else knew about yet?Lead gen for real estate

Now you can with the Flip the Switch marketing system!

House Flip Help’s Flip the Switch program allows investors to concentrate on what they do best by having Mike and Jason find off market properties to fix & flip or buy and hold without paying top dollar. You control the areas where you want the deals to come from, they will always be in the areas you desire.


Mike and Jason will help you determine which zip codes or counties you should market to in order to capitalize on the most leads possible.

They will set up your customized direct mail marketing campaign with their proven postcard that generates on average a 5% or more response.

Once your campaign launches and the calls come rolling in, all leads will go into your own Podio CRM workspace so you can track and monitor the progress of each lead as they come in.

The guys will use CallFire calling software so they can talk to all of your hot leads within the first 24-48 hours while they are still hot.

They will leverage their expertise in negotiating with motivated sellers and get deals under contract.ROI on investing

After they get a deal under contract, you get first opportunity to keep it or let them flip it for you.

For every property you decide to keep for yourself, simply pay them a flat $2500 assignment fee. What does that mean? It means you get a smoking hot property for only $2500 over what we paid. If get a property under contract for $10,000, that means you only pay $12,500 plus closing cost.

If you decide you don’t want to keep it, they will market the deal to other investors on your behalf and we split the profits 50/50 once it closes.


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